rise [rīz]
rose, risen [riz′ən] rising [ME risen < OE risan, akin to OHG risan, ON risa < IE * ereis-, extension of base * er-, to set in motion, raise > RUN, L oriri, to rise, Gr ornynai, to arouse]
I to get up
1. to stand or assume a vertical or more nearly vertical position, after sitting, kneeling, or lying
2. to get up after sleeping or resting
3. to rebel; revolt
4. to end an official assembly or meeting; adjourn
5. to rise from the dead; resurrect
II to go up
1. to go to a higher place or position; ascend
2. to appear above the horizon [the moon rose]
3. to attain greater height or a higher level [the river rose rapidly]
4. to advance in social status, rank, importance, etc.; become rich, famous, successful, etc.
5. to become erect or rigid
6. to form an elevation; extend upward [the tower rising above the trees]
7. to have an upward incline or slant [hills rising steeply]
8. to move upward to the surface of the water, as a fish seeking to take a fly, bait, etc.
III to increase in some way
1. to increase in amount, degree, quantity, price, etc.
2. to increase in volume of sound; become louder, shriller, etc.
3. to become stronger, more vivid, more buoyant, etc. [his spirits rose]
4. to become larger and puffier: used esp. of dough containing yeast
IV to appear by or as by rising
1. to originate, begin, or spring up
2. to have its source: said of a stream
3. to happen; occur
4. to become apparent to the senses or the mind [land rising ahead of the ship]
5. to be stirred up; become aroused [to make someone's temper rise]
6. to be built [a house rising on the hill]
to cause to rise, as birds from cover or a fish to the surface of the water
1. the actual or refracted appearance of the sun, moon, etc. above the horizon
2. upward movement; ascent
3. an advance in social status, rank, importance, etc.
4. the appearance of a fish at the water's surface
5. a piece of high or rising ground; hill
6. a slope upward
7. the vertical height of something, as of a flight of stairs or a single step
8. an increase in
a) height, as of water level
b) volume or pitch of a sound
c) degree, amount, price, value, etc.
10. a beginning, origin, springing up, etc.
11. Brit. a raise (in wages, etc.)
get a rise out of
Slang to draw a desired response from by teasing or provoking
give rise to
to cause to appear or come into existence
rise to
to prove oneself capable of coping with [to rise to the occasion]
SYN.- RISE and ARISE both imply a coming into being, action, notice, etc., but RISE carries an added implication of ascent [empires rise and fall ] and ARISE is often used to indicate a causal relationship [accidents arise from carelessness ]; SPRING implies sudden emergence [weeds sprang up in the garden ]; ORIGINATE is used in indicating a definite source, beginning, or prime cause [psychoanalysis originated with Freud ]; DERIVE implies a proceeding or developing from something else that is the source [this word derives from the Latin ]; FLOW suggests a streaming from a source like water [“Praise God, from whom all blessings flow]; ISSUE suggests emergence through an outlet [not a word issued from his lips ]; EMANATE implies the flowing forth from a source of something that is nonmaterial or intangible [rays of light emanating from the sun ]; STEM1 implies outgrowth as from a root or a main stalk [modern detective fiction stems from Poe ]

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